Annual ceremonies

  • The 48th Highlanders
  • Every year on Sunday, April 12 or the first Sunday after a memorial service is being held for the 20 fallen soldiers of the Regiment 48th Highlanders of Canada. This regiment liberated Apeldoorn. Their commander Lieutenant-Colonel MacKenzie was killed on 12 april 1945. The commemoration starts at 14:30 hrs and is freely accessible. The organization is done by the 48th Highlanders of Holland Pipes and Drums from Apeldoorn.
  • May 4: Remembrance Day

  • Every year on May 4, Remembrance Day, there is a commemorative ceremony at the Holten Canadian War Cemetery. Holten children play a central part. In this way, young people are made aware that war must be avoided, peace is not to be taken for granted and everything must be done to maintain freedom. The organization of the Service is done by the local Foundation Viering Nationale Feestdagen Holten in cooperation with the schools. The ceremony starts at 11.00 hrs and is free accessible.
  • Remembrance Day

  • On Sunday, November 11 or the first Sunday after a special memorial service is held on the occasion of Remembrance Day. This commemoration begins at 11.00 hrs and is freely accessible. The organization is done by the Seaforth Highlanders Memorial Pipes and Drums.
  • Christmas Eve

  • On Christmas Eve, Holten school children place a burning candle at each headstone. The initiative was taken by Mrs.Leena van Dam in 1991. In Finland, her native country, it is tradition to commemorate the deceased loved ones on Christmas Eve in this way. Mrs. Van Dam financed the memorial candles for five years. The Foundation "Welcome Again Veterans” Foundation continued this tradition. Since 2012 the local Foundation Stichting Viering Nationale Feestdagen has taken over the funding. The organization of this event is done by the same local Foundation in cooperation with the schools. The candles have the ability to keep on burning for ten hours, regardless of weather conditions. For the many visitors from the area who seek a moment of reflection at the Canadian War Cemetery on Christmas Eve, the flickering lights of the candles form an ambiance of silence and peace.

  • Throughout the year, various Canadian regiments or organizations hold their own memorial at the and cemetery. Usually these commemorations are published beforehand. They are always free accessible.