Foundation Information Centre Canadian War Cemetery Holten

Social involvement was the main motive behind the initiative of establishing the Information Centre Canadian Cemetery Holten. How do we keep the thought of the Second World War alive now that fewer and fewer veterans can tell the story from direct memory? For the Foundation Information Centre Canadian War Cemetery Holten this question was the start of the establishment of an information centre adjacent to the Canadian War Cemetery. The centre offers space for reflection and is an informative and educational asset for the cemetery.

  • The objectives are:

  • to keep the memory of the Second World War and personal stories and anecdotes alive, from generation to generation.
  • to contribute to the preservation of the wealth of historical information of the local area, thus providing access for a wide range of people.
  • to enhance the attraction of the Holten Canadian War Cemetery and the nature and recreational area of National Park “De Sallandse Heuvelrug”, without violating the specific character of the cemetery.
  • to offer attractive, educational material to schools and students for interactive history learning.
  • to offer facilities to groups from trade and industry, social services and societies to inform their guests/relations of the history of the Eastern part of the Netherlands.